Yes, we can. We deliver goods in Vilnius using our own transport. For deliveries to other cities or countries, we organize transportation through our network of logistics partners.

Not necessarily. If the client wishes, we sign the collaboration contract once, and for subsequent orders, we only approve estimates for different publications each time.

Yes, we provide such services. The rates depend on the individual characteristics of the work.

Yes, it is faster. We always recommend starting the work before the peak season because we experience a less intensive workload during that time.

Yes, you can. The electronic 'soft proof' version is free, while a digital or offset proof on original paper incurs a fee. The price varies depending on the parameters and color of the original paper.

The production time depends on the characteristics of the product. It can vary from a few business days to a month after file approval. The manager assigned to assist you will provide all the necessary details during the meeting.

Yes, you can. However, the paper must be of high quality, suitable for printing, and in the appropriate format.

PDF format is required. Please note that we do not accept open files. If they are prepared in the RGB color scale, we will automatically convert them to CMYK color scale. It's important to be aware that we cannot be held responsible for any color mismatches or missing objects that may occur during this process.

Yes, we offer both glued and sewn-glued hardcover book options. However, we highly recommend following the classic practice of book binding by sewing the books. Sewn books tend to last longer and remain in better condition even with frequent use and reading.

Yes, we have been cooperating with various Lithuanian printing houses for many years and frequently offer subcontracting services.

Yes, we do offer this option, but it must be arranged and agreed upon with the sales manager who is assisting you.

Yes, we do provide such consultations. However, before addressing your specific concerns, we kindly request that you first coordinate the order details, payment procedure, terms, and any other relevant aspects of your project with our sales manager.